Automatic Glue Machine Market Recent Industry Trends and Projected Industry Growth, 2018 – 2028


Automatic glue machines is an adhesive equipment commonly used in industries for gluing corrugated boxes, electronic and electrical components, and others. Automatic glue machines are computer controlled equipment with belt feeder, touch control or button control operations. This adhesive equipment helps in achieving a combination of manual as well as automation work. Automatic glue machine’s dispensers are either of hot melt or water-based types, and they are use number of end-use sectors including electrical and electronics, aerospace and defense, automotive, construction, woodworking & packaging, plastic, medical & pharmaceuticals, and oil & gas.

Automatic Glue Machine: Market Drivers and Challenges: A variety of automation equipment has changed the outlook of industrialization, and machine learning and automation intelligence (AI) is rapidly going mainstream. Automatic glue machine is one of the outcomes of this revolution which has greatly improved the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing companies, thereby saving a lot of labor cost.

Automatic glue machine minimizes the cost of production with accurate gluing eliminating human error and further relatively reducing scrap. Adoption of automatic glue machine reduces error and risk margin, optimizes production cycle and, subsequently, increasing the production in minimum time and with a lower use of adhesive material. This, in turn, will fuel the demand for the automatic glue machine market in the coming years.

Further, automatic glue machine is efficient, environmental friendly, and energy saving as they allow precise control of the amount of glue and positioning which results in zero waste. Furthermore, automatic glue machines enable proper stacking and reliable counting. Thus augmenting the demand for automatic glue machine market over the forecast period.   Among end-use industries, the packaging industry is estimated to account for a major share of the automatic glue machines market owing to its increasing demand in warehouses of e-commerce.

In contrast, the high initial installation cost and the expensive maintenance might challenge the growth of the global automatic glue machines market. In case the automatic glue machine breaks down, the manufacturing or the packaging process gets interrupted, which hinders the productivity of the company. Such factors are anticipated to restrict the growth of the global automatic glue machines market during the projected period.

Automatic Glue Machine: Market Segmentation: On the basis of product type, the global Automatic Glue Machinemarket can be segmented into the following: Hot Melt Dispenser, Water-based Glue Dispenser; On the basis of end use, the global Automatic Glue Machinemarket can be segmented into the following: Electrical and Electronics, Aerospace and Defens, Automotive, Construction, Woodworking & Packaging, Plastic, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas

Automatic Glue Machine: Regional Market Outlook: Collectively, India, China, Japan, and South East Asia and Pacific are anticipated to exhibit significant demand over the forecast period and hold a major share of the automatic glue machinemarket, owing to rapid urbanization and industrialization. Asia Pacific is anticipated to maintain its dominating position over the forecast period as it is the home of the key suppliers and manufacturers.

In North America, the automatic glue machinemarket will expand due to the inclination of manufacturers towards technology. Glue contains harmful volatile organic compounds, thus the EEA (European Environment Agency) has established strict regulations on its use. As a result, Europe is expected to have a gradual growth of the automatic glue machinemarket. Also, due to similar reasons, manufacturers are strategically re-locating their manufacturing facilities in countries where regulations on volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are either do not exist or are relaxed.

Automatic Glue Machine: Key Market Players: The global automatic glue machine market is anticipated to be highly fragmented owing presence of numerous local manufacturers.  Examples of some of the market participants in the global automatic glue machinemarket identified across the value chain include: Nordson Corporation, Glue Machinery Corporation, OMAC S.R.L, Angeleri srl, Gluing Systems & Machinery Inc. , Resta srl, Mark Engineering , Kingsom Technology Co., Ltd., Musahi Engineering, Inc.

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