Allyl Chloride Market Forecast and Segments, 2018-2028

Allyl Chloride Market

Allyl chloride is an organic chemical compound which is majorly used as an intermediate for the manufacturing of several chemicals. Allyl chloride is insoluble in water but soluble in the organic solvents. Allyl chloride is produced by chlorination of propylene, at the industrial scale. The major demand of allyl chloride is from epichlorohydrin production. Allyl chloride is converted into epichlorohydrin by epoxidation process or by reacting allyl chloride with hydrochlorous acid. Allyl chloride also finds its applications in the manufacturing of allyl alcohol, allyl isothiocyanates, allylamine and allyl silane. Allyl Chloride is also used as alkylating agent in manufacturing of various chemical compounds. Allyl chloride is a flammable compound and is toxic in nature for humans. The growing demand for epoxy resins, which is majorly manufactured from epichlorohydrin, is acting as a driving factor for the allyl chloride demand from epichlorohydin manufacturing. The demand for allyl chloride is increasing from pharmaceutical and pesticide manufacturing, as an alkylating agent. Growing chemical industry all over the world is pushing allyl chloride market, with its increasing uses as raw material and alkylating agent. Increasing pricing trends have been observed in the global markets, with rising demand for allyl chloride in last few years. This has significantly increased the value market of allyl chloride, during last few years.

Market Dynamics of Allyl Chloride Market- Rising demand for allyl chloride from epichlorohydrin manufacturing: Increasing demand for epichlorohydrin from China and other Asian countries is pushing the demand growth of allyl chloride market. Moreover, the high growth in the plastic industry is pushing the demand for allyl chloride globally. Epoxy is one of the important polymer which has rising demand from plastics, paints and coatings, and composites market. Increasing trends in these end use markets in turn is expected to boost the demand for allyl chloride during the forecast period. Also growth of pharmaceutical industry is accelerating the demand for ally chloride as alkylating agent.

Rising stringent regulations hazardous chemical and fire safety regulations: Rising regulations on the hazardous chemicals can act as the restraining factor for the growth of allyl chloride market. Allyl chloride is a flammable compound. Regulations on flammable chemical use and handling can also act as a primary challenge for the manufacturers and users in the value chain of the allyl chloride. The toxic nature of allyl chloride is also a big challenge for maintaining occupational safety in the industries which manufactures and uses allyl chloride.

Expansions, and pharmaceutical applications developments are the leading trends in allyl chloride market: Increasing expansions in the high growth regions for meeting the growing demand for allyl chloride has been observed in last few years. Also increasing number of applications of allyl chloride in variousw chemical manufacturing processes is expected to boost the demand for the allyl chloride.

Global Allyl Chloride Market Segmentation: On the basis of derivatives, the global allyl chloride market can be segmented as: Epichlorohydrine, Allyl Alcohol, Allylamine, Allyl isocyanates, Allylsilanes; On the basis of end use applications, the global allyl chloride market can be segmented as: Polymers and plastics, Adhesives, Biodegradable detergents, Flame retardants, Ziegler catalyst modification, Oil production, Pesticides, Urethanes

Allyl Chloride Market: Regional Outlook: Asian market has witnessed a high growth during the last three years. Rising demand for polymers, plastics, and other chemical in China, India, and other emerging countries in Asia, is driving the demand for allyl chloride from chemical, pharmaceutical and polymer industry. North America followed Asia pacific, in terms of demand for allyl chloride, during the recent years. However the growth in Asia Pacific market is significantly higher than that in North America. Europe comes after North America in terms of share in the global allyl chloride market. Europe has shown a slow growth in the allyl chloride consumption in the region. Latin America and Middle East & Africa accounted for a small share in the global allyl chloride market, however, significant growth in the demand for allyl chloride from Middle East & Africa region is expected during the forecast period. Diversification of the economy in Middle East countries and favorable conditions in emerging African countries is projected to boost this demand growth for allyl chloride.

Global Allyl Chloride Market Participants: Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of global allyl chloride market are: Dow DuPont, Osaka Soda, Solvay, INOVYN, Oilin, Gelest, Hexion, Chemical Corp Pvt Ltd, AccuStandard, SIELC Technologies, Endmemo, W.W. Grainger, Inc.

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