Adoption of Cone Lined Caps Market to Soar Across Top Countries in the Globe

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Global Cone Lined Caps Market: Overview

Cone lined caps are used for exceptionally tight seal to prevent leakages. Cone lined caps offer a good chemical barrier. The liner in the cone lined caps molds itself around the sealing areas as the cap is screwed on. The cone lined caps eliminate leakage, contamination, evaporation, backing off and binding. Cone lined caps are made from phenolic plastic (polypropylene) and the liner is made from oil-resistant plastic. Cone lined caps are an ideal choice for bottling viscous products such as oils, liquids and soaps. Cone lined caps are durable in nature and offer a tight seal. Cone lined caps are threaded closures that seal on the top and inside diameter of the bottle to ensure additional leak protection. Cone lined caps provide a wedge type of seal and the liner provides superior torque retention. Cone lined caps are usually made from polypropylene and are known for good impact strength and cost effectiveness. Cone lined caps can withstand high temperatures, however they are less suitable for freezing temperatures. The cone lined caps opening size varies from 1/2 oz to 32 oz. Cone lined caps are used to offer tight seal for jars, vials, bottles etc. making them the perfect choice for volatile liquids including perfume, essential oils, flavorings and other liquid products. Cone lined caps are also known as phenolic caps as they are made of phenolic plastic propylene. Ideal to use with glass bottles and amber bottles the cone lined caps are expected to gain traction in the perfume and essential oil packaging industry.

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Global Cone Lined Caps Market: Dynamics

The major factors driving the cone lined caps are the tight seal features and elimination of evaporation, contamination and leakage. The cone lined caps are suitable for glass bottles and amber bottles. Cone lined caps are used for bottling bottles containing perfumes, essential oils, viscous liquids and other vaporizing liquids. It also finds application in the pharmaceutical industry as vial closures. The demand for air tight seals and leak proof seals for certain products is expected to drive the market for cone lined caps during the forecast period. Cone lined caps provide an added room for the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and other highly unstable volatile substances. The perfume and essential oil industry witnesses rapid growth during the forecast period and it is expected that cone lined caps market will also witness a significant growth.

Global Cone Lined Caps Market: Regional Outlook

As the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is projected to witness meteoric growth during the forecast period, the global cone lined caps market is also expected to grow at a high CAGR.  In developing countries India and China, cone lined caps market is expected to register strong growth as consumers are spending more on perfumes and essential oils. In the countries such as US, Germany, and UK, the constant demand for essential oils and other volatile liquids is being witnessed, which in turn, will boost the cone lined caps market during the forecast period. Changing the lifestyle of consumers in the Middle East and African countries is fueling the demand for cone lined caps market in the region.

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Global Cone Lined Caps Market: Key Manufacturers

  • Qorpak
  • SKS Bottle & Packaging Inc.
  • True Essense
  • Berlin Packaging
  • The Cary Company
  • Aaron Packaging Inc.




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